If you are looking for something unique, photographs that express your true personality, you have found the right photographer. 

I have had a passion for being behind the camera & photographing others pretty much my whole life. My first memories of taking pictures was when I was about 7 years old and I got my first camera... I went crazy (and drove everyone else crazy too!). 

Although the moments we experience in our lives are kept in our minds and our hearts, looking back at those memories through photographs is like reliving them again. 

Anybody who knows anything about me would say that my family, loved ones and friends are the center of my life. It has always meant alot to me to take pictures of our lives and share those photos with them. My photography is about people. Capturing the expressions and personality that come through when you least expect it (or suspect that you're even being photographed!).

My style of photography is relaxed and easy going. I strive to make sessions fun & capture the personality of those who I am looking at through the lens. Whether its newborn babies, kids running around their yard, weddings, or a newly engaged couple, my goal is to create photos that they will enjoy for years to come. 

I invest in you just as you invest in me when you choose me as your photographer!